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Another New York Food Story? Wrong! This is first review of a food establishment in Soupwoman’s new hometown, Cork, Republic of Ireland.

Sam and Dan’s is actually Inhouse Food Critic’s find. He was lured to a side street off Washington Street, Cork, by delicious smell of donuts. There he found this little place where Sam and Dan sell only hotdogs, chips (that is fries to you across the pond) and donuts. He raved about the them, so I had to try them too, and the cinnamon-sugar dusted (3 for €2, fried to order) donuts were, in all their simplicity, truly scrumptious.

But what about the hotdogs? I was curious to find out if they were as good as the donuts, so as I was walking back home after some shopping, I stopped by to get New Yorker Hotdogs (with fried onions, cheese, sauerkraut, ketchup and mustard) to go (€3.95). I knew this was not ideal – hotdogs must be eaten right away – but I took the risk.

By the time I got home, the hotdogs were only lukewarm, and gotten slightly soggy. But still, it tasted very good indeed. Just the right amount of everything. Took me right back to New York!

The Conclusion: Sam and Dan’s fare is exactly what it says on the tin.

The Verdict: The place does not look like much on the outside, and a fussier person might be put off by the no-frills interior. But look past the decor (or the lack of it) and give it a go! Even if the food was not exactly to your liking, you would only lose a few Euros.


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